The Gargano Promontory, in the northeast of southern Italy’s Puglia region, is sometimes called the spur of the boot. The Gargano offers a diverse environment with a variety of interesting places to visit and one could easily spend a week or more seeing its attractions. The coast line offers good beaches and inland you’ll find medieval towns and a national park.

Vico Garganico


Vico Garganico has an interesting medieval center with many small alleyways and remains of its castle.



Peschici has a small historic center and nice views of the sea. In the center is an interesting recreation of a one-room house (where 11 people and their donkey lived), typical of the town through the early 20th century…



Vieste, on the tip of the peninsula, the holiday capital of the Gargano, has many seaside resorts and an interesting historic centers with lots of staircases.

Monte Sant’ Angelo


Monte Sant’Angelo, which the archangel Michael is said to have visited on a few occasions over the last 1,500 years. The Sanctuary of St. Michael, with a bell tower dating from the 13th century, was designated part of a Unesco World Heritage site in 2011.

Lighthouse on Treminiti Island


Lighthouse on Treminiti Island – Tremiti Islands are a nature reserve of Gargano National Park with crystal-clear waters, secret caves and wild coastline.